Artificial intelligence explaination

Artificial intelligence technologies, at their best, reduce the mundane work people hate to do, complete monotonous work quickly and accurately, and reclaim valuable time for humans to work on more interesting components of their jobs. That’s exactly what Avrio, an AI start-up based in Boston, is doing for human resource recruiters and job seekers.

Artificial intelligence and job seekingMost businesses have the ability to access thousands of resumes from job sites and online career centers. Although some sites offer keyword-based sorting and identification, Avrio’s AI system reviews and analyzes millions of data points. Based on this number-crunching system, each candidate is given a score between 0 and 100 and ranked for a particular job opening.

Avrio’s system helps the job seeker match their skills, talents and interests to open positions based on thousands of data points. Today’s job seekers often have the experience of sending resumes into a great online chasm, never to be contacted again. This AI platform will provide valuable feedback as well as direction and transparency during the evaluation process.

For example, if an individual applies for a job, Avrio will respond with a score related to that person’s skills and experiences and how well it matches the opening. The system will also suggest other job openings where the individual has a higher matching score, and presumably a better chance at landing the position. The job seeker is given a plan to move forward on a job hunt in a much more targeted way.

In addition, job seekers are given the opportunity to interact with the AI platform by answering and asking questions. For instance, the AI system may collect information such as whether the candidate has led a team and for how long, reasons for gaps in employment, and legal employment status. All this information helps Avrio make a better job-candidate match.

Job seekers can also evaluate particular companies by asking about job openings, matches to those openings, office culture, and benefits.

Avrio helps human resource professionals and recruiters by saving them a great deal of time doing mundane screening tasks more efficiently. Recruiters who spend hours skimming piles of resumes can find it difficult to really select the best candidates for a position. The Avrio platform systematically analyzes millions of data points and provides a ranked list of candidates. In addition, the AI-driven interview data is added into the evaluation and a transcript of the discussion is provided to the recruiter.

At this point, the HR professional has an accurate picture, a data-driven score, and a preliminary interview. Recruiters can then move onto the more nuanced interview process quickly and with better matched candidates. Relationship development, negotiations and personal discussions with the candidate and business executives can now take place. The recruiter becomes more of a consultant, providing higher-level skills and value-added perspectives.