TetherTies cable adapters

For those of us that have a stationary set-up of just a few devices that never leave our homes, a security tether for cable adapters sounds like a foreign concept. However, people who have many different devices, or people that need to travel and adapt to different presentation mediums, have definitely felt the pain of leaving a cable adapter behind after a presentation. For example, the current price for a lightening adapter from the Apple store is a whopping $49 and these costs can add up over time. For this group of people, a simple solution so that you never lose an adapter again is a security tether.

Security tethers are very thick cables that loop around one cable to another. They are secured on each end by a metal sleeve. Once a security tether is coupled with an adapter, it is impossible to detach it unless you have wire or bolt cutters. If you find yourself using a mac and presenting via an HDMI or DVI interface, this may be a smart solution to never losing that adapter. If you have devices in a public setting that feed to a display, a security tether is also a good solution to preventing the theft of your adapter.

Most of the security cable tethers available on the market are not full-service and are do it yourself projects. This is very simple to implement and only requires a pair of pliers that often come with the kit. The user will loop one end of the tether on the cable, pull the tether taut, and then crimp down the sleeve with the included pliers. The process is then repeated on the adapter and the adapter is connected to the cable. These do-it-yourself cable tethers come with loops on each end that are large enough to accommodate cables of any size or shape. These tethers usually come in a length of 12 inches to provide enough wiggle room to attach the devices, but not long enough to add to unnecessary clutter.

There are several different security tether providers. TetherTies Security Tethers is the best value option and an extremely quick installation time. Some of the devices you can use TetherTies on are: Apple, HDMI, iPhones, power and internet cables. These security cable ties take approximately 15 seconds to install and are permanent. Extron is another security tether seller, but takes a little bit more time with average installation ranging from two to four minutes. Another downside to this seller is that the only color the tether comes in is white. Finally, these cable tethers do not come with an assembly device unlike TetherTies. Another security cable provider that is not specifically related do coupling cables to adapters is Kensington Security Slot Cable locks. These work specifically with a slot that may come standard on your device and that the kensington will lock into. These security cables are also more expensive, ranging from $30 to $50. For anyone who wants to secure their cables or devices, a security tether should be your next purchase.


Article Source: https://tetherties.com/security-tether-kit-for-cable-adapters/