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To create a new Amazon village, the Amazons leadership team would need to involve business analytics. As seen in other industries as well, there is an ever increasing need for higher degrees and more education. How much education is really needed, and in what areas, to achieve the level that Amazon has? Chances are, you need another degree. This will aid in framing the entire scenario in the village. Below are three tips on the expertise and insight for creating an exciting business venture.

The People’s Power

Employees with a master’s degree in human resource would be helpful in defining the type of community to locate amazon’s large workforce. The engagement of the community in the development programs like the ones existing in Silicon Valley would be the consideration by the human resource professionals. This will help to positively advance company’s goals in the area.

People with financial planning degree would be of help in assessing the cost of living. These considerations would be of help to the HR department in providing a good pay to the company’s employees. The best and brighter employees would be attracted to work with the company, thus improving the new Amazon village status.

Making Big Decision, Big Data and Big Money

About making big decisions, it requires personnel with integrative thinking.This calls for a first-class masters degree in business administration that is taught by the real-world veterans in commercial and academic arenas. When it comes to a problem involving entrepreneurial challenges, an executive MBA program might be of use.
The Amazon leadership team to prosper requires expertise in business analytics. They would frame and plan complex projects in the company. A master’s degree in finance would be of great help in Amazon for financial advice in evaluating over 200 proposals from municipalities.

Getting the Project Done

Planning of the new headquarters and getting it constructed is not easy and requires sophisticated project management knowledge and skills. A master’s degree in the field would be essential. This personnel would design issues of land availability, labor capacity, weather patterns and access to materials from the start.This would make the project successful.

By linking all the above complex operations, a master’s degree level in supply chain management would be essential in making value out of the new Amazon headquarters. It will be possible through its connections to the supplies and customers. The new Amazon headquarters will start operating its own airfreight carriers once it becomes fully operational. It will be a good opportunity for the students pursuing any range of bachelor’s degree in order to see to it that Amazons headquarters project has become successful.