EFS fleet management

EFS, a WEX company, has been a leader in offering advanced mobile applications and had already developed a mobile app for fleet management earlier, which is used widely in the industry. Recently, EFS announced the launch of the new mobile app for fleet management, named EFS Carrier Control, which comes with advanced features and functionalities that would give the fleet managers more control of their fleet and help in improving overall efficiency and productivity. With the launch of the new EFS CarrierControl, the company has successfully refined the already in use fleet management application it launched previously.

With the help of the EFS CarrierControl, the fleet manager is in control of its fleet and can take care of the payment card needs of the contractors as well as the employees anywhere, right from their mobile phones. It gives the fleet manager ease of use, relieves them of stress while managing large fleets, and helps in cutting costs while improving transparency and accountability in the system. EFS CarrierControl can also aid in performing critical functions to keep the fleet management in order, such as authorizing MoneyCodes for cash or card transactions, adding funds to cards, money transfer to employees who are in need of additional funds for emergency car repair or medical emergencies, and more.

With the use of the new EFS CarrierControl, it comes easier for the fleet manager to view the fleet and its movement. The real-time card transaction visibility through this mobile application makes it almost impossible for any kind of fraudulent transaction to pass through without notice. The fleet managers can quickly detect any unauthorized card use or any transactions that have been rejected. It gives the fleet managers greater control over the finances to ensure that the funds are used widely, and no misuse is happening due to lack of broader visibility. The use of technology would make every penny accountable, and it would help the logistic company to increase its profits by a considerable margin.

The control of the fleet manager on the finances doesn’t end there, as they can also check the credit balance as well as the card status through the EFS CarrierControl. The fleet manager can even put the card on-hold or make it active/inactive in real-time with the use of this mobile application. The primary aim of EFS CarrierControl is to mitigate risks associated with handling large fleets and improve efficiency while cutting costs in fleet management. The manager at EFS for mobile application development, Stacy Brothers, said that the mobile-based payment platform developed by EFS has robust functionality that would address the modern needs of the customers to manage their fleets and have total control of their finances. Leading fleets, irrespective of their size, becomes much more comfortable with the EFS CarrierControl. The company would be updating the mobile application with time to time to add new functions and features as per the industry needs. The EFS CarrierControl mobile application is available for free download on Apple App Store and Google Play, but the user needs to be an EFS Customer to use it.

Article Source: https://www.efsllc.com/2017/09/18/efs-launches-new-mobile-technology-fleet-managers/