Activated Solution

Innovative Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Technologies

PathoSans is the leader of advanced, state-of-the-art cleaning processes that are the result of more than 75 years of experience helping companies meet their cleaning objectives.  The PathoSans cleaning system technology produces two environmentally responsible solutions—PathoClean® cleaner/degreaser and PathoCide® disinfectant/sanitizer. PathoClean and PathoCide are produced on-site at each client’s facilities on an on-demand, as needed basis using only water, salt and electricity. This easy to use process is safe and replaces many harsh, harmful chemicals previously in use. This process is referred to as Electro-chemically Activated Solution and provides optimal cleaning results for high traffic spaces.

Cleaning Products for Industrial, Institution and Commercial Settings

PathoSans cleaning solutions are cost-effectively used in any commercial facility including office buildings, schools/universities, warehouses, arenas, athletic centers, conference centers, hotels and casinos, restaurants, retail centers, airports, correctional facilities, veterinary clinics, medical centers, long-term care facilities and many more. Used by in-house maintenance personnel as well as many third party cleaning companies and janitorial service firms.

Cost Benefits of PathoSans Cleaning Products and Solutions

Because PathoSans industrial and commercial cleaning solutions are quickly and easily produced on-site when they are needed, the high expense of packaging and transporting toxic chemicals is eliminated. No chemical re-ordering is necessary, therefore the costs of ordering, storage, handling and managing an inventory of toxic conventional chemicals is removed for your facility. Water usage is reduced  because there is less rinsing due to no chemical residue and existing containers are reusable and refillable doing away with the inconvenience of container disposal. The PathoSans cleaning technology allows you to produce our cleaning solutions on-site for just pennies per gallon  with the net result being a lower cost for your company

Environmentally Safe Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Products

The PathoSans Electrolyzed Water Cleaning Solution is certified under Green Seal’s GS-37 Standard and meets Green Seal’s rigorous Environmental Standard for cleaning products for industrial and institutional use which is based on reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content. All PathoSans solutions have a very low carbon footprint and are VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free.

PathoSans is a division of Spraying Systems Co., the leading global manufacturer of spray nozzles, automated spray systems, spray injectors and other products using spray technology. For more information about how our innovative industrial and commercial cleaning solutions can save your company time and money while being environmentally responsible, please visit: PathoSans