United States For Technology Outsourcing

In recent talks about the global economy, there have been many media outlets that have focused on the process of outsourcing. However, there are very few articles or other reports on companies outsourcing to the United States. When it comes to technology based companies, there are many corporations overseas and domestically who are looking to the talented tech workforce in the United States. With such an emphasis on mobile apps and websites in our digital age, companies are realizing it may be a better idea to hire freelance tech workers who live in the same timezone or country.

technology in the USAA big shift that is keeping work inside of the United States is the rising salaries in Asia and other popular outsourcing continents. Companies are now realizing that it is a better investment to pay similar prices and have workers that they can easily meet with face to face if needed. While hiring full-time digital designers is becoming less of a necessity for start ups, having tech workers you can rely on is a must. Freelance tech workers are starting to greatly influence the way startups are being run.

Domestic outsourcing is quickly becoming very common while overseas outsourcing is slowly disappearing within the tech industry. Domestic outsourcing companies like Eagle Creek Software Services and Onshore Outsourcing are connecting startups and established businesses with the tech workers they need. IBM has set a precedent by changing their stance on offshore outsourcing. Originally being one of the largest supporters of offshore outsourcing, IBM is looking to hire 25,000 more workers in the United States. Other tech giants based in the United States will hopefully follow this great example that IBM is setting for the industry.

Offshore outsourcing companies are noticing a very big slow down in the work that is being sent their way. Companies like Infosys that are even based in India have realized that the offshore outsourcing model is becoming a thing of the past. Infosys has invested in work centers in North Carolina and Indiana and plans on hiring 10,000 workers over the next two years. It has been estimated that the growth of the offshore outsourcing industry is going to slow from 15% to 6% over the next five years. While off shore outsourcing is on the down turn, Helen Huntly from the research firm Gartner states, “Domestic Outsourcing is here to stay, and it’s going to grow rapidly.”

The need to constantly update websites and apps is bringing the need closer to home. Time zone differences don’t work very well when a website crashed during the middle of the day yet it is 2 AM in the morning overseas. Nexient is a great example of a company that is outsourcing beautifully in the United States. With three work centers in the Midwest, workers don’t need to move to the headquarters in Newark, California if they want to work for this tech company. This is becoming the norm in the tech industry. An hour or two time difference is not a big deal. However, in the fast paced digital age, a 12 hour time difference can really set a company back.

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