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Magic Leap is one of those tech companies that has largely kept a low profile over the years. There has been talk the company was going to be putting the Augmented Reality business on its ear. The firm has apparently finally sent signals that it was ready to show off its equipment. At this point, there have been a few people who have managed to get their hands on the tech and that means it could be the talk of the tech world when it comes to CES 2018.

Elephant in augmented realityThe augmented reality/virtual reality world is one that is set to explode, thanks to companies like Apple that are finally starting to dive in. The device is made up of a headset, a controller and a computer. The goggles are round-lensed that includes displays, audio and external camera sensors that allow the user to really get into the world that Magic Leap creates.

The controller that comes along with the googles is something that looks quite a bit like what you might get if you’re looking at when talking about Samsung Gear VR or the other phone based VR headsets that are out on the market. The goggles need their own computer, because the housing is round and clips to your body. In this way, it’s an entirely self contained AR/VR machine. The device is said to have a ton of different cameras in the headset in order to map not only your surroundings, but also where you are in those surroundings. The nice thing about the Magic Leap is that just like the computer connection, everything is self contained, so there are no other in-room sensors you need to set up in order to enjoy the technology.

You’ve likely heard of Microsoft HoloLens and this is apparently a step beyond what that headset is able to do. The biggest advancement appears to be the way the tech handles 3D images. When you are looking at Apple’s AR Kit, you cannot walk through or behind an image. Using Magic Leap, there is a way to actually look as though you are going behind the thing that has been projected into the room using the technology.

The device also promises that it will be able to remember where it has put images. This means that it can truly feel as though those objects are there. When you turn your head and look away, and then look back, the things that would normally be there if they are real, will indeed show up again. At the moment, this AR/VR device is really only doing AR. Magic Leap makers have said that eventually it will be doing both. For now, people who are looking for top of the line Augmented Reality devices are hoping this will finally land on the market in 2018. A CNET points out, it appears that if this tech can live up to its promise, it is exactly where this kind of technology needs to go.

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