Cacao plant

Rob Weidner worked in the cacao industry for several years. They found out that the cacao industry had a secret. The farmers were eating the center of the cacao pod. This was the part of the cacao pod that chocolate companies did not want. However, it had several nutrients in it. In most cases, the beans are collected, and the rest of it is thrown away.

Cacao farmingThe farmers would chew on the fleshy part. Rob decided to eat the fleshy part of the pod himself. Not only was it nutritious, but it was also delicious. It had all of the nutrients that health-conscious people in the United States want. That is what prompted Rob to start his own company with his wife, Kayla.

The name of the company is Repurposed Pod. The main product that the company sells is juice that is made out of cacao. This juice can be consumed by itself or mixed with another juice. People can purchase the product from the website. There are also health stores that sell this juice. However, the stores can only be found in the Northeast.

Getting this business of the ground has not been easy. Rob and Kayla have been challenging people to change the way that they think about cacao. Chocolate is derived from a fruit. The juice does not taste like chocolate, but it has a unique taste.

Kayla and Rob used their life savings to start their business. Because Rob worked in the cacao industry for many years, he knew that cacao had diverse uses. He wanted to put a material that would normally be thrown away to good use. The value of cacao can be cut in half in just one year. This can be difficult for farmers who use cacao to make money.

Instead of throwing the fleshy part of a way, it is put in a separate bin. Repurposed Pod collects the material. Rob stated that it is easy to use this material. They juice it and put it in a bottle.

This not only benefits Repurposed Pod, but it also benefits the farmers. The farmers complete a training where they learn how to preserve the quality and freshness of the cacao. They are able to increase their monthly income by 10 percent without doing much.

Farmers do not have to waste time trying to grow more vegetables and fruits. Rob stated that the business is doing exactly what he wants it do. Everyone will be able to make more money. They can use this money to move into a new home, put their kids through school and buy more food. Everyone will have a better safety net. This all comes from a waste product.

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