Newton's dog kennel

Newton is one of the most dog-friendly communities in Massachusetts, with more than 280 acres of ponds, woods, and marshes to explore. Some of the best places to walk or jog with your dog are Newton Parks and Recreation Areas. Dogs on-leash are allowed in most conservation areas including:

  • Blue Heron Trail
  • Cutler Park
  • Webster Woods

dogs playingRules For Dogs and Their Owners

When walking your dog in Newton’s open spaces, you must always observe the rules for dog owners.

  • Dogs must be on-leash and stay on trails
  • Dogs may not harass or chase wildlife
  • Owners have to clean up after their dogs
  • Dogs aren’t allowed in wetlands, watercourses, or ponds
  • Owners may walk three dogs, maximum

Trails In And Near Newton

Several trails with a distance of between two and twelve miles for walking or jogging with your dog are around Newton, along the Charles River. Some of the trails are in use year-round, while others like the Riverside Walk, is a Winter Loop which is accessible between December and March.

Off-Leash Parks and Playgrounds For Dogs

Newton has several areas where your dog can run off-leash including a few city parks and playgrounds. Seven parks in Newton are designated as off-leash.

  • Braceland Playground
  • Claflin Playground
  • Cabot Park
  • Hunnewell Park
  • McGrath Park
  • Newton Center Playground
  • Old Cold Spring Park

Each of the parks and playgrounds has different hours of operation and areas designated for dogs to be off-leash.

Before You Go To A Park

Your dog’s vaccinations and license must be up-to-date, and identification must be on the dog’s collar. The person walking the dog must have identification and a Professional Dog Walker medallion. The dog must be wearing a resident or non-resident medallion. Dogs must be kept under control and obey their owner’s voice commands. Owners must bring their dog’s leash and bags for clean up. If your dog becomes unruly, you must immediately use the leash. Find a park that has off-leash hours near you.

At The Dog Park

Owners must keep their dogs on-lead until they reach the off-leash area. The dog’s leash must be accessible at all times. Always check for signs that the park may closed because of wet conditions or maintenance crews working in the area. Always keep your dog under control and make sure he responds to voice commands. You are the only one who knows how your dog responds to strange people and other dogs, so be cautious. Always clean up after your dog.

Some dog owners prefer to take the T to get to trails or dog parks. Operators on the T may allow pets at their discretion. Dogs must not annoy passengers and must be leashed at all times. During peak rush hour, small dogs must be confined to small, lap-size crates and away from exits.


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