AJFoss wastewater septic treatment

Residents of New Hampshire, Northern Massachusetts and Maine should choose a septic treatment system that is crucial for their small leach fields. When choosing a residential wastewater treatment, homeowners should be keen to select a system that guarantees comfort, efficiency and long-term costs. The Norweco Singulair system is the superior residential wastewater treatment. With Norweco’s Singulair, home owners are assured of 100 percent protection of their health and maximum property value. The self-contained septic treatment system is value-engineered. Notably, the Singulair is designed with minimal key features that maximize efficiency, minimize leach field footprint and enhance floor equalization. The system comprises the Norweco Bio-Kinetic System, which is the only non-mechanical floor equalizer that can be used in a residential wastewater treatment. The equal consistent flow ensures that all the water leaving the tank is fully treated.

wastewater treatment servicesNorweco Singulair features an aerator that is designed to run each 30 minutes hence operating 12 hours a day. The system does not require additional media to aid its performance. In addition, it has a monitoring and alert system and telemetry (via land-line phone, internet or mobile phone) to notify a homeowner whenever there is a problem with the system. This monitoring device helps residents to protect the value of their homes by responding to hitches in time. Alternative septic systems do not deliver higher value than Norweco’s. For instance, these alternative residential wastewater treatment systems require a 24/7 running air pump to be installed in the basement, garage or outbuilding. The system does not have an alert feature to notify the homeowner whenever this pump fails. Their designs require an additional chamber component and do not guarantee consistent equalization of flow. They rely on numerous media balls to treat the water, which are costly to replace if special equipment is not used during pump-outs.

The Norweco Singulair is not only affordable, but is also energy-efficient. The proven, patented design quietly, efficiently and automatically treats all water flowing into the septic tank and lets out purified water in 48 hours. Being licensed by NSF-National Sanitation Foundation, the Singulair meets the highest standards of public health. Norweco has factory-trained distributors who ensure compliance with NSF’s requirements. On the contrary, the alternative systems’ operations do not meet the strict regulations of NSF.

Singulairs are manufactured with Norweco-designed precast concrete forms. They are installed and maintained by A.J. Foss, Inc., a factory trained distributor. The firm is licensed to manufacture, install and maintain Singulairs across Maine, Northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. All technicians involved in installation and servicing must be at least licensed as Wastewater Operator 1. These technicians service septic systems in the first two years to ensure they maintain maximum performance. These standards are not highly observed for technicians installing alternative wastewater treatment systems.

Norweco Singulair offers cheaper services in terms of installation of wastewater treatment systems. A.J. Foss charges $6,100 for installation, including two year service while Norweco’s competitors charge around $8,500. Since the Singulair tank footprint is smaller, it is convenient for properties with small space, unlike its competitors that occupy relatively wider spaces.


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