Taco Bell and Lyft Unite

For those who cannot get enough of Taco Bell, the latest addition to Lyft is sure to leave them happy and full. Both Lyft and Uber have experimented in different ways in a battle to distinguish their services from one another and to gain more customers. Since both companies offer essentially the same service, they both consistently look for new and exciting ways to lure in more business. Lyft’s newest gamble was just announced on Tuesday and involves partnering up with the fast food chain Taco Bell. The company is offering an easy way for riders to grab some tacos or burritos on their way from one point to another.

Lyft and Taco BellBetween the hours of 9 p.m. and 2 a.m., the company will be allowing their riders to add a “pit stop” through a local drive-thru of Taco Bell. This is the peak time that tipsy riders may find Taco Bell to be the most appealing. This Taco mode will be tested in Orange County to begin with but Lyft has promised a nationwide rollout by next year for everyone. This new plan came about directly after McDonald’s offered more delivery options through Uber Eats. Uber Eats allows riders to order food from the fast food chain that can be delivered right to their door, along with McDonald’s swag (such as a fun sweatshirt with hash browns and muffins on the front).

The ride app isn’t new to partnering up with other companies in order to garner more customers. They have had contracts with professional sports teams, clothing companies, credit card firms, television shows and more over the years. They have even partnered up with non-profit organizations to help stop drivers from driving drunk by giving them the option to take Lyft instead. Partnering up with Taco Bell is one more way to bring in more business and make a name for themselves, as well as to distinguish their services from their competitor, Uber.

While many may see the partnership with Taco Bell as a crazy stunt that may lead to dietary upsets in the morning for users, it is also a sign of just how fiercely the two companies must compete against one another to bring in business. Lyft has certainly cut into Uber’s market and is continuing to gather more attention from riders who are looking for an easy way to get around town. This new feature is sure to sway riders who may wish to stop for an after-hours snack on their way to and from their destination.

 Source: http://time.com/4871765/lyft-taco-mode-taco-bell/