Link building is a vital part of any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, however, securing high quality links is challenging. Unfortunately, there is no set amount of links that will move your website up in the search engine results; it depends on how competitive your industry is and the quality of the links pointing to your website.

Top Link Building Web SitesSince you will put time and energy into securing backlinks, aim for the ones that Google will view as an endorsement of your website’s content. To secure links that matter:

Court Authority Websites

Obtaining backlinks from authoritative, trustworthy websites will raise your ranking in Google. Find authoritative sites in your industry by using one of the free tools online for checking domain authority and then note the sites with higher authority than your website. Find out if any of the sites offer guest blogging opportunities and then submit your best content. You can interview the website owner of a site with high authority or feature him or her on your own website as a leader in your industry as well to earn a link back to your site.

Diversified Links

Build backlinks from a diverse, but relevant, range of websites. Once a site links back to you, subsequent links from the same website diminish in value. Consider the types of websites that offer linking opportunities, such as forums, social media platforms, question and answer sites and industry directories to increase the number and type of different websites linking back to you.

Build Backlinks to Specific Pages

For a page-specific link building campaign, you need content that people will want to share. Create an engaging blog post with unique photos or create an infographic and post a link to the specific page of your website containing the content on your social media accounts.

Create Your Own Anchor Text

Make it easy for people to link to your website by providing them with links that they can copy & paste. Instead of using your website’s name as the anchor text, use keywords that you want to rank highly for in Google. If you operate a news website, create ready-made links to your website with anchor text such as Anytown Sports News or Anytown Political News to help you rank for these keywords.

It may take months to detect the results of your link building campaign, however, SEO offers a long-term advantage, not immediate results. Don’t aim for a certain number of backlinks and then stop; keep taking advantage of linking opportunities because your competitors will always be trying to overtake you.