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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is coming soon. Its technical specifications will be officially revealed on February 25, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. For now, tech bloggers and smartphone enthusiasts can’t stop talking about the hardware innovations in the newest iteration of the popular Galaxy series. Samsung has teased some of the details in its invitation to tech enthusiasts; here’s what’s known so far.

Cell phone users are obsessed with their cameras. Whether they’re posting pictures of their latest meal on Instagram or updating Facebook with a selfie, users want cutting-edge cameras in the palm of their hand. This means technology innovations are increasingly seen from cell phone manufacturers. Samsung has been promoting their new phone heavily with the phrase “The Camera. Reimagined.” They hope to attract picture-obsessed users who demand the best possible resolution.

The Galaxy S9 will feature a 12 mega-pixel camera, letting users capture crisp, clear images. Samsung is manufacturing a new line of image sensor chips, the Isocell, to power this camera. They just started showing these chips to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, claiming the chips will offer faster focus, better facial recognition and improved performance in low-light environments. The previous S8 and Apple’s iPhone X, the major competitor of the S9, both have facial recognition chips that aren’t fully integrated into the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy’s classic design won’t be changing much with this newest version. Reviewers have always praised the bezel-less screen; the bezel is the technical name for the plastic or metal frame surrounding the touch screen. Samsung’s phones don’t have a bezel, meaning users get a bigger screen in a smaller, lighter shell. One complaint with older models was the location of the fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone and verify purchases. This sensor was previously located on the back of the phone. With the S9, it’s been moved to right below the camera lens.

Samsung will offer two options for users purchasing the S9. The S9 will feature a 5.8” screen, and the S8+ will have a 6.3+ screen. Official prices have not been released for either model. In the United States, both phones will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor for faster performance. Both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will ship with 64GB of memory, 4GB of RAM, a headphone jack and an iris scanner. The phones will also feature wireless charging capabilities and a water-resistant screen.

For now, Samsung is still keeping some details secret. No news on accessories, pricing or cell phone service provider deals is available. Hopefully more information will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress at the end of February.

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