Job Outlook

During the most recent presidential election, the future of manufacturing in American became an important issue. While many people are concerned about factory jobs being outsourced, the majority of metropolitan regions have actually seen an increase in industrial employment over the last few years. While car sales are decreasing, the amount of jobs on the market continues to expand.

While industrial jobs have decreased, manufacturing continues to influence many regional economies. Research has shown that manufacturing generates more money in economic activity than fields such as business services, finance, or retail trade.

The Midwest

jobsThanks to an auto industry that is on the rise, many of the top areas where manufacturing job growth is occurring are Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan. One outlier is Florida, where job growth is influenced by the aerospace sector. Utah is another area where job growth is increasing thanks to the aerospace, metals, and gas related manufacturing.

East Coast

Albany, New York has seen a rise in manufacturing jobs thanks to an area that makes gas turbines, computer chips, and other cutting edge industries. California is also home to some areas that are rapidly developing. The Fremont area has seen growth, thanks to Tesla. The Bay Area is undergoing an industrial renaissance, however some of these areas are having trouble attracting talent because the cost of living in the area is expensive.

Cities In Decline

Houston, Texas has seen an industrial employment drop over the years, as has Oklahoma City and New Orleans. There is hope that the improved conditions for energy companies under President Trump will lead these areas to thrive again. The Chicago-Naperville region has also been hit hard in recent years. Every decade, manufacturing jobs in the City of Broad Shoulders have decreased by more than 100,000 jobs.

employmentWhile the Los Angeles-Glendale area still has the most industrial jobs in the United States, the region has begun to lose some of their jobs, which is surprising considering the area should benefit from hosting Elon Musk’s Space X and other companies; such as Hyperloop and AIO Robotics. However, the area continues to deal with downsizing, outsourcing and automation. There are also losses in the aerospace industries.

Looking Ahead To The Future

High cost metro areas may be forced to align with cutting edge tech industries. Lower cost regions should see increased job growth over time, as President Trump hopes to promote on shoring of basic production.