Become A Billionaire

Do you want to be a billionaire? New evidence suggests that if you’re aiming to be in the top income bracket, your best bet is to get a university degree in engineering.

Billionaire Engineers?

British recruitment agency Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment analyzed Forbes’ recent list of the world’s 100 richest people, focusing on data pertaining to their degrees as well as their first jobs. (What to Study if You Want to be a Billionaire) They found that 75 percent of the richest people have some type of degree, and of that group, the most common degree is engineering, at 22 percent of those with degrees.

After engineering, the next most common degree is business, at 16% of those with degrees, then finance/economics at 11%, law at 6% and computer science at 4%. The top 5 most common first jobs for members of the Forbes list is consistent with Aaron Wallis’ findings concerning their college degrees: salesperson was the most common at 10%, then stock trader at 9%, both jobs often held by those with business or economics degrees. Engineer also made the list of the 5 most common first jobs, at 5%, while rounding it out are software developer, also at 5 percent, and analyst with 4 percent.

There were also some other interesting bits of data gathered by the people at Aaron Wallis. Fifty-three percent of the top 100 held their first job at a non family-owned business. 19% of these people started in a salesperson-type role, and 17% worked as stock traders. Both of these numbers also support the findings for first jobs, as both salesperson and stock trader were on that list.

Business Owner to Billionaire

Here’s another interesting piece of data: 17% of the top 100 billionaires held their first job in an independent business they created, which is encouraging for prospective entrepreneurs with university degrees. However, the data does suggest that possessing a degree is key if you’re aiming to shoot for the financial stars. This data makes it clear that almost all of the richest people in business today have degrees, says Rob Scott, managing director at Aaron Wallis. It appears that in this century, degrees are more important than ever to give you a good chance at prosperity, a necessary stepping-stone to wealth. This is further supported by the fact that only 25% of the top 100 don’t hold university degrees.

And, as far as university degrees go, your best bets are to study engineering or to gear yourself towards the financial sector, with computer science and law also being linked to financial success. For the twenty-first century, it appears that if you want to be a billionaire, you’ll want a degree, and while no one degree guarantees financial success, engineering is your best bet.