Tesla steering wheel

Recently, Tesla, which is a leading company that specializes in electric cars and vehicles, released an incredible new design that has shocked millions. An electric semi truck seems like something from the future, but this new truck wasn’t even the highlight of the day, though it is impressive. What was inside the truck that came rolling out was the highlight of the announcement and has been called the fastest production car ever to be made in the entire world. It shocked the many who watched the car come rolling out of the truck.

Elon Musk shotThe entire purpose of this fast production car was to create a sort of metaphorical smackdown to those gasoline cars that still take up most of the roads today. Driving the usual gasoline sports cars will feel bulky and heavy after driving this beautiful new feature. The specs for the base model are said to go 0 to 60 mph in as little as 1.9 seconds, which is noted as the first car to hit the mark under two seconds. It will go 0 to 100 mph in about 4.2 seconds, making this the second category that the car has broken records in.

The car is a four-seater convertible, which is a shock in and of itself, that will run up to a quarter of a mile in about 8.9 seconds, marking the third category for this production car. With all of the awards and records were broken by this car, it’s no wonder that people are keeping their eyes on the calendar, just waiting for its release.

The top speed for this car was never given at the initial announcement, but it has been noted to be above and beyond 250 mph. This is an incredible step toward the future of automobile technology as well. The battery pack, which is a key feature in this car, will give it the ability to drive up to 620 miles with just one single charge.

When will the car be available? The company, Tesla, says that the new, incredible car will be available in 2020, and the starting price tag will be a hefty number sitting around $200,000. However, several places have mentioned that this large price tag might be a bit of a deal since other, comparable cars start around $1 million while on the market.

There’s much to be said about Tesla’s inventiveness, especially when it comes to their fast, electric sports car. This car could change the way people view sports cars, the way that cars are produced, and the way people shop for cars. The faster speeds are going to appeal to many people, and the seemingly cheap price tag will appeal to many more.

2020 will bring about several large achievements when it comes to technology, but this fast car will be a huge success story for Tesla. This company’s smackdown of the gas guzzlers on the market will be an event to remember for years to come. People will never look at gasoline cars the same ever again.

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